What to Do About Skunks in the Home

Skunks are the nastiest creatures you can have on your property and if you have even had them entering your home, we are sure you have had a terrifying experience. If you have experienced this and wish to avoid it in the future, or if you have skunks loitering around your property and are worried that they might enter your home too, here are a few tips to avoid such a situation. (more…)

Are Skunks Dangerous?

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Skunks are probably the most despised neighbors we could have, thanks to the vile odor they give out when confronted. However, there are several other reasons that actually not only make skunks despicable, but even dangerous.

Here are a few reasons to keep skunks away for good, from you, your family, your pets, and even your property. (more…)

How to Keep Skunk Odor From Spreading

Few odors are as horrifying as the vile smell that a skunk gives out in the face of danger. This odor is quite a strong as well as consistent one and if you decide not to treat it, the stench could stay around for weeks, something you surely wouldn’t want. (more…)

Prevention Tips to Keep Skunks Away

If you’re being troubled by skunks, we are sure the first fear on your mind is the terrible stink they give out when confronted. There is more to skunks however, and apart from the diseases they are capable of spreading, the damage they can cause to your home is a serious concern too. (more…)

Skunk Removal – When to Call for Professional Help

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When it comes to wild animals, it often gets confusing on whether or not we should call for professional help immediately. Usually, the costs involved stop people from calling on the experts. Some take DIY steps to get rid of the problem, while others simply wait for it go away.

So when is it the right time to call for professional help when it comes to skunks? (more…)

How to Keep Skunks Off Your Property


Skunks can be messy if they invade your home and getting rid of them is equally demanding especially if they have found a favorable environment that encourages their stay. One of the greatest problems associated with skunk invasion is their intense smell that will send everyone looking for cover. In addition, skunks can easily turn your lawn into a heap of soil as they dig looking for larvae. If you do not want to have a battalion of skunks or already have an invasion in your property, there are few things you can do including the following: (more…)

Skunk Removal from Your Garden


Skunks being nocturnal are mostly seen during night time, hunting for insects, frogs, snakes or foods found in garden. They are dangerous and are primary carriers of rabies. There noxious spray can even cause blindness in some extreme cases. Getting rid of skunks is not easy and may require some important steps to get rid of them. (more…)

What To Do If You Get Sprayed By A Skunk


Spraying is skunks’ way of defending himself from predators. Anyway you can prevent this, they also have a way of letting you know that they see you as their enemy and they want you away from them. When you see a skunk you better stay away. If you want to get closer, you have to talk but in a very low voice. (more…)

Tips to Keep Skunks Away From Your Home


One of the things that we all as people hate is to have pests around the house. There are many of those out there can make your life sort of difficult when they go on your yard of your house. For example, a raccoon can really make a mess on your garbage cans, as well as skunks can really make a stinky mess. The bad part about this is that you have to deal with it and make sure that they don’t come back again. The good thing is that there are several ways in which you can keep these pests such as skunks out of your house. (more…)

Life Cycle of A Skunk


Skunks usually become a problem in Toronto during the late summer months. It is when  most people notice their existence in back yards, under decks and sheds. In order to properly conduct skunk control, it is imperative to understand the life cycle of the animal. (more…)