How to Keep Skunks Off Your Property


Skunks can be messy if they invade your home and getting rid of them is equally demanding especially if they have found a favorable environment that encourages their stay. One of the greatest problems associated with skunk invasion is their intense smell that will send everyone looking for cover. In addition, skunks can easily turn your lawn into a heap of soil as they dig looking for larvae. If you do not want to have a battalion of skunks or already have an invasion in your property, there are few things you can do including the following:

Get rid of all food sources

Skunks like all other pests are normally attracted to your property in search for food. You can however repel them by removing all food sources from the compound or keeping your garbage cans tightly covered. Your pet foods should also be kept indoors especially at night to avoid attracting skunks and other pests as well. It is also important to check under the sheds, porches, patios and crawl spaces to ensure there are no openings that could encourage skunks to enter into your property in search of foods. Always pick any fruits that fall off from trees within your compound as these will attract skunks and other pests into the yard.

Install bright compound lighting

Skunks are nocturnal and therefore like coming out in the cover of darkness to search for food, you can scare them away by installing bright lighting systems in your yard. This however is a very expensive way of keeping these animals at bay considering the electricity costs you might incur to keep bulbs on throughout the night. You could consider installing motion detector lights but even with these, skunks are likely to become accustomed after some time thus making them ineffective in the long run.

Use automated sprinklers

Scarecrow sprinklers or automated sprinklers can also be used to deter skunks from your property. These normally come with motion sensors which will turn on when they detect any movements thus squirting the skunks whenever they come within a short distance. Although this might have short term effects, it can help keep them away for a while. However, consider how many sprinklers you will need to cover your entire yard.

Use repellents

You can buy store brand repellents or use homemade hot pepper recipes. These repellents are normally sprinkled around the yard including the items that are likely to attract skunk bites. These repellents however do not last for long and might need frequent application.

Erect barriers

Barriers might work well considering that skunks are horrible in climbing and jumping. Unfortunately, these same animals are excellent diggers thus making it easy for them to squeeze through any available holes. You can use mesh wire to seal such holes and/or ditches as long as they are at least one foot deep into the soil and 3 feet high.


In case your property has already been invaded by skunks, calling for professional help will be necessary. This will help capture the skunks and also set in place mechanisms that will keep them off for good.