What To Do If You Get Sprayed By A Skunk


Spraying is skunks’ way of defending himself from predators. Anyway you can prevent this, they also have a way of letting you know that they see you as their enemy and they want you away from them. When you see a skunk you better stay away. If you want to get closer, you have to talk but in a very low voice.

If you want them to leave just freeze. It is important to know they behavior. When they feel threatened they hiss and they raise their trail. Be aware of skunk mothers! They tend to spray offensively. Don’t forget that their spray contain a sulfur-alcohol compound and it can cause temporary blindness. Here are some tips to get “cleaned” when you get sprayed by a skunk:

1.   Shower and baths – they are essential. You need three times more soap, conditioner and shampoo than usually.

2.   Wash your laundry with hot water. Even you succeed in getting rid of the smell your clothes might give it back to you. You have to wash them a few times to fade the smell away.

3.     Perfumes and lotions – put on a small quantity of perfume or lotion. Remember not to put too much perfume or lotion on because you can combine the smells and it can get worse.

4.   You can prepare a mixture for bathing – you need to prepare it in a large bowl. You need: a quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda or vinegar and two squirts of liquid dish soap. Rinse very well. You should not let the mixture on for more than two minutes.

5.  Buy deodorizing spray – you can find it at pet stores and some home and garden stores. They are  specially made to neutralize the odor of skunk. Being patient is also a must in this problem. Give it time.