Prevention Tips to Keep Skunks Away

If you’re being troubled by skunks, we are sure the first fear on your mind is the terrible stink they give out when confronted. There is more to skunks however, and apart from the diseases they are capable of spreading, the damage they can cause to your home is a serious concern too.

For these reasons, it is best to keep skunks away from your property, and here are a few prevention tips to make sure they stay away.

The primary reason for skunks to invade any property is the availability of food. Whether it is the waste in your garbage can or pet food that you may be leaving outside, these are all attractions for a hungry skunk. Moreover, your garden too is a treasure trove for these animals. Highly omnivorous, anything goes for a skunk when it comes to food – from berries to grubs and worms.

The first thing to do is therefore, to keep away food so that anything that is edible to a skunk is made inaccessible to them.

The second element skunks are after is shelter. They are known to have a particular liking for areas below the structure of the house, since they find food as well as a safe location here. Digging burrows for themselves, skunks easily make themselves a new home below yours!

By fencing off this area and sealing any openings with concrete, you can dissuade skunks from looking for a place where they can settle down.

If you are up against a particularly persistent skunk population, you can hire the services of a professional skunk control team. Even where the removal of a skunk is not yet required, these teams can pay your property a visit and leave you with plenty of practical tips to keep those nasty creatures away.