Skunk Removal from Your Garden


Skunks being nocturnal are mostly seen during night time, hunting for insects, frogs, snakes or foods found in garden. They are dangerous and are primary carriers of rabies. There noxious spray can even cause blindness in some extreme cases. Getting rid of skunks is not easy and may require some important steps to get rid of them.

1. Removal of garbage – skunks can survive on garbage alone, so it highly recommended keeping your garbage properly sealed, properly fencing vegetable and flower garden is also very important. Also quickly removing fallen fruits and rotting things from garden can stop skunks from making your garden their shelter.

2. Illuminate your garden with lights – skunks are nocturnal and are very active during night, to stop them from invading your garden, putting small lights that work on motion sensor can be a great idea. You can also use solar lights, to save your electricity bills and still keep skunks away.

3. Treating skunks through chemicals – Chemical repellents or ammonia can keep skunks away from your garden area, soak some old rags with ammonia and keep them under deck or areas where skunks come and hide, skunks don’t like ammonia odor and will run away. Be sure to put ammonia after heavy rain, to avoid skunks from coming back to garden.

4. Trapping skunks – Get live catch trap or plastic box traps so that you are safe when they spray noxious chemicals. Professionals can be called for trapping, as they have necessary equipment’s and experience.

5. Seal all holes and hiding places in garden – Blocking porches, decks and other places in garden where skunks can hide is very important. Using rocks, fencing the area can be some of the methods to avoid skunks from entering your garden.

6. Keep oranges and other citrus fruits – Skunks stay away from citrus odor, so placing lemon and oranges peel all over garden can help you get rid of skunks.