How To Deal With Skunks Living Under Your Deck


Skunks are omnivore creatures that feed on of human waste and are generally harmless. The risk of getting close to a skunk is that you might get close to their noxious spray or can get bitten by skunk carrying rabies.
They are mostly found in residence in yards and also under decks. Before you go about with skunk removal read about what you can do to help with the situation.

Skunks generally like to make their homes in sheltered areas like porches, under decks, etc. The first step to avoid getting your deck invaded by a skunk is to close it off with plywood, rocks or fencing. This will prohibit them from entering the sheltered area. Skunks may find places such as log piles, building materials or piles of lumber quite appealing to make a home. Hence it is advisable to store these materials in a bin or a shed. You should light your deck during night as skunks are nocturnal creatures that stay away from bright lights.

This will prohibit them from entering your deck during nights. Apart from this, you can also install a motion sensor under your deck. A motion sensor will get tripped when a skunk tries to enter your property. Another method to keep skunks away from your deck is to use chemicals that have a repelling effect on skunks. There are different chemicals available in the markets which are known to repel skunks. If you use the chemicals around the areas under your deck, where you suspect them to come, they will start avoiding entering those areas. These chemical repellents need to be used every few days especially during the rains to keep the skunks at bay.

You can also install motion activated sprinklers on your property which are a natural and safe way to keep the skunks away. The sprinklers get activated automatically when an animal comes too close. These methods can help you how to deal with skunks living under your deck.