How To Trap A Skunk Humanely


While most people aren’t fond of these creatures, it is important to understand how to trap a skunk humanely as part of a skunk removal process. Not only for the safety of the animal, but also for your own personal safety. First, make sure that the trap is large enough for the skunk to fit inside. Don’t cram a full sized skunk into a live trap that is too small for them. They can get hurt being cramped like that, especially if you struggle to get the door to shut behind them. (more…)

How to Prevent Skunks From Moving Onto Your Property


Skunks rarely show fear of people as they are born and raised in our backyards. Though you may see them during the day, they are largely nocturnal animals that search for food after sunset. They are nearsighted animals with a keen sense of hearing and smelling. If skunks are cornered by a stranger and they are unable to flee, they begin to stamp their forepaws while scratching the ground as a warning. When they display this behavior, you should back away slowly and quietly. (more…)

How To Deal With Skunks Living Under Your Deck


Skunks are omnivore creatures that feed on of human waste and are generally harmless. The risk of getting close to a skunk is that you might get close to their noxious spray or can get bitten by skunk carrying rabies.
They are mostly found in residence in yards and also under decks. Before you go about with skunk removal read about what you can do to help with the situation. (more…)